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I have been BUSY crafting for my little guy! We had a Halloween costume to get done just in the nick of time for Trunk or Treating with the Louisville Mommies; which I might add was a wonderful event full of some of the best volunteers in the city!

OK - here is our Fire Truck Costume!

OK - so how did I make the costume?? I used 2 large diaper boxes (the 2nd one cut in half to add length). They were duct taped together for strength then I covered them with the red poster board (using glue stick & clear tape). I covered all of the seams with red electrical tape. Then I cut all of the white/black details from other poster board and added them with glue sticks. The front & rear bumpers are made of aluminum tape. The top boasts a blinking light that is recessed into the box top. Since the flaps were folded under & taped I only cut through the first layer of card board leaving the flap underneath. The wheels are made of 6" cardboard circles that are used to stacking cakes. T…