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Transformer Rescue Bots Mobile Headquarters Playset (Review)

My son in no stranger to Transformer Rescue Bots; in fact he has every single Rescue Bot toy available except Blades, the Rescue Copter. He was even named the Playskool fan of the week on Face Book recently - showing off some recent additions to his collection. 
One of those recent additions to his collection was the Mobile Headquarters Playset; a very cool and interactive toy. First of all it looks like an over sized fire truck - but then add that to the awesome sounds coupled with the pop open action and ejection of Optimus Prime with Cody at the wheel...together they can save anyone - it's super cool. The Mobile Headquarters has been in action as part of his collection for nearly two months and I can honestly say that my 4 year old hero is still going strong, acting out and rescuing anyone in distress.

At the conclusion of this season of Transformer Rescue Bots (on the Hub) they introduced the Mobile Headquarters so that makes it even more special for him.    
This Rescue Bot …