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Guess what we got!?

TADA!!!  I FINALLY found Rescue Bot Blades. It is almost fall and that means it is time for neighborhood yard sales :)  I went out this morning for just an hour and half with a friend before I headed into work. I would NEVER have went alone, especially before heading into work - so a HUGE thank you to Jackie. I scored Blades for a whopping $.25!! I totally feel like mom of the year right now. My boy is going to be over the moon when he gets the final bot to his crew. Now he can save the world while he watches his favorite Rescue Bots episodes.

Transformer Rescue Bots on SALE

Is your preschooler obsessed with Transformer Rescue Bots like mine? If so, I bet you have already started thinking about Christmas. Don't worry, so has Toys "R" Us - they have a huge amount of markdowns on the Transformer Rescue Bot Toys. Head over and check it out!