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Big Dreamer

Are you a big dreamer? I feel like I have always been a big dreamer full of big GRAND ideas. I have so much passion and sometimes I feel like its all over the place. Inside me is craziness flying around like someone just lit a brick of those jumping jacks fireworks. There is fire, smoke, jumping, spinning, noise - the whole lot and it's so much you aren't quite sure where to look. That's how I feel. Exactly! Except, instead of not knowing where I look, I don't know where to focus. So instead of picking one or 2 things to focus on, I dip into everything and nothing gets all of my attention. Then before you know it, I have bitten off way too much - I throw my hands in the air as a failure - and nothing gets done.

Today is different though. Today I have decided that I am going to do those grand things I think about just not all at once. Then maybe, just maybe I will be able to focus on that one thing and give it my all. Then check my list for the next adventure.

I am inte…